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How to achieve long-lasting soft velvety matte lips that won't dry out your lips and feel like Sahara after a day? Follow these tips to use matte lips every day without that dryness.

1. Hydration inside out

This is the key for keeping your lips looking soft and luscious. Keep them moisturised, not only using lip balm morning and evening look into lip masks and nourishing lip oils. Use different formulations to see what works for you, some people simple vaseline is the best while some of us prefer natural shea butter based lip balms. Next step is to drink enough water and think about how much coffee or alcohol you consume as these might dry out your skin and lips.

2. Exfoliation - scrub or AHA/BHA

Exfoliate often, there are many different types of lip scrub available on the market some being manual exfoliants meaning you need to rub the formula to your lips or chemical meaning they might include AHA or BHA to exfoliate the surface of the lips, some are a combination of both. Use these as recommended on the product.


 3. Use the right lipstick formula for you

Not all matte liquid lipsticks are formulated equal. More satin-matte liquid lipstick formulas keep your lips from drying out compared to super matte formulas.  Best way check what works for you is try to try different products.

Some seasons, usually winter depending on where you live can really dry out your lips. Especially if you live in areas that the weather is very cold, maybe you want to hold off from matte lipsticks for a while.4. Understand seasons 

5. Don't compare your lips to filler enhanced lips

Last but not the least, our lips have texture and some lines naturally so don't try to compare them to filler enhanced lips or extreme retouched lips online. If you don't love the matte look on your lips a good option is to try a different type of glosses or coloured balms.


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