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Every year when the summer comes many of us are asking the age-old question - how do I keep my makeup fresh looking in hot weather? Heat and sun can definitely affect how long our makeup lasts and what type of looks we want to create. These tips below will make sure your makeup - whatever the look is lasts from dawn till dusk.


Let's start with the basics, we need to make sure that we have the right moisturiser for our skin and as well as for the season. Depending on your skin type use a moisturiser that leaves your skin hydrated but without excess oil or dewiness. Apply the moisturiser on clean skin and continue with SPF30 or even better SPF50. Finding a great SPF that doesn't crease up your skin or create a so not lovely white cast. A makeup artists recommend Ultrasun does amazing SPF products that stay on your skin and help your makeup last longer. If you feel that you don't want to splurge as much money to SPF look into Korean skincare and their SPF products as they are known for great suncare items.

If you feel like your skin still gets oily try to find a good mattifying primer or makeup spray. Not all primers are treated equal and look for oil-free and possibly even silicone-free primer if you find normal primers too slippery.



With the heat comes humidity and sweat, make sure your eye make up is solid and secure with waterproof products. Waterproof mascaras are easy to find, just remember to pick up your favourite oil cleanser with it so you can take the eye makeup off easily in the evening or mid of the night. 

If you want to wear eyeliner make sure you pick long-lasting liquid liner and skip pencil eyeliner or kohl as they tend to smudge easier. For eyeshadow make sure you are using an eyeshadow base or conceal and powder your eyelids properly before applying a powder eye shadow. Another option is to use longer wear cream or gel eye shadows that stay on all day and night.

Also, it is good to remember to pick a suitable concealer for humidity and heat. Go for more mattifying and long-lasting liquid concealers, stick or cream concealers are usually waxier and smudge your mascara. Make sure you powder down your undereye area if you feel that powering just makes your fine lines worse look for more finely milled powders specially created for under eye area.


Yes, you heard right! There is a place for dramatic makeup or your best self sculpted goddess, but everyday hot summer look is recommended to have less is more approach to keep it amazing all day long. After all, it is just making sure all products are working together and long-lasting, the more makeup you add more products on your skin can move around.

Small changes such as switching your foundation to just a blurring primer and long-wearing concealer with some bronzer and mascara can be a killer look. Let your natural skin shine whatever condition it would be in. Remember you are the worst critique of yourself.



For summertime, it is good to use a lip balm with SPF during day time when the sun is up. If you are craving for long-lasting colour, go for lip stains. Apply in the morning and add SPF lip balm during the day. A good lip stain will stay all day long.

For the humid evening pick effortless lip gloss.



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