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Can your eyelashes                                           have it all? 

  It can be difficult to achieve amazing curl, separation, volume, length and drama at the same time try these expert tips below for ultimate lash perfection.


1. Pick a right mascara formula for you

This goes without saying, find a mascara that suits your lashes. Everyone's lashes are different so think about what you are looking for? More length or maybe more defined and fluttery? Try different mascaras and see what works for you the best. Some of us are blessed with long lashes, some have natural volume and someone's eyelashes are curved in a lovely way so use what you have and try to work with what you got.

2. Curl your lashes

To make your eyelashes frame your eyes and look longer use an eyelash curler to bend gently your lashes to the desired shape. If you feel that eyelash curlers won't work for you it might be that you need to buy new curler or you can try to curl your lashes before and then again after mascara application, remember to wait till mascara is properly dry. Be careful that you won't damage your lashes, but otherwise, this trick works wonders for anyone struggling to curve their lashes.



3. Eyelash perm & tint

If you still feel like you are not able to curve or keep your eyelashes curved through the day, look into eyelash perms that temporarily curves your eyelashes until they fall out naturally. This is often paired with eyelash tinting that gives your eyelashes colour and shine, making them look instantly more defined. Find a professional to do this and make sure your take care of your eyelashes.


4. Cat eyeliner for all

If you are not familiar or keen on eyeliner but still want to enhance your eyelashes try a simple and extra thin kitten line. Best product for this is felt tip eyeliner you can choose a black or brown colour and draw a thin line straight from the outer edge of the eye until the desired length is achieved. This can be just a half a centimetre just to give little oomph to the edge of your eye. 

5. Use a lash primer/fibre mascara

Another great option is to use a lash primer or fibre mascara. Nowadays you can find lash primers not only in white but other colours too, so you don't need to worry about leaving your eyelashes white. Another option is to try fibre mascaras that will add fibrous length to your own lashes.


6. Use fake mink eyelashes or magnetic lashes

If nothing works for you, have a look at fake mink eyelashes. Fake eyelashes have improved so much in the last few years that you will be able to find something that looks natural enough but gives you that lash boost that you dream of. If you lack talent on the application, a good way is to try magnetic lashes that grip to magnetic eyeliner, there are few good ones in the market that won’t move and budge.



7. Eyelash growth serum

If you are serious about lengthening your lashes look into eyelash serums. These serums usually contain a lot of ingredients that you should look up before using them to see if you are comfortable to use the product, but the growth that you can get from these products can be magnificent.

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